About the Artist

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Liana has been drawing since before she could speak. Whether it was making gifts for friends, or coloring on the walls of her childhood home, she always loved to create. It was not until her high school art instructor encouraged her to hone her drawing skills, that her talent began to be appreciated.

Originally a Psychology major with a minor in Art, at the University of Nevada, Reno, she was introduced to the new mediums of painting, printmaking, and digital media; an introduction that quickly led to a change in studies. While art then became her main focus, psychology still played a role in much of her new work. It was here that she began using old, commonly known idioms as the inspiration for the majority of her artwork.

In 2013, Liana graduated from UNR with a Bachelor of Arts degree, minoring in Psychology. Over the next year she renovated an old house, honoring its original era, developed recipes and displays for a bakery, and worked with children, teaching them to draw.

In the winter of 2014, Liana decided she was ready for something new, and in July of that year, she moved to Austria, where she began drawing again in her comfortable style of black & white portraiture. Four months into her stay, Liana was in an accident, where she severed the nerves and tendons in her right hand, leaving her drawing hand immobilized for three months. After much frustration and frequent physical therapy, she slowly began to regain motion and strength in her hand.

In the spring of 2015, Liana began sketching again, and experimenting with color and new imagery. This quickly led to her rendering full scale drawings and eventually she began taking commissions.  An original rendering sold for $6,500 at a charity event in Vail, Colorado. Recently she was asked to create an original award for the Instagrammys. She is continuing to expand her portfolio and audience within Europe. She sells prints of her work, as well as, takes portrait commissions, and creates graphics and illustrations for an array of companies, events and musicians/bands.


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